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A little experiment with resin. They will be made into magnets.

The fish are made from polymer clay and the “water” is resin. The octopuses glow in the dark.

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So I opened orders for my Nitori Dakimakura! 

Click here to go to my storenvy

I still have to finish rendering a bit but I wanted to put this up for preorder since I’ll be ordering the pillows in 2 days. 

I’m also giving away some free buttons and/or stickers with the Dakimakura!! Shoot me a message if you have any questions c: 


Dakimakura is on sale for $40 till the 25th!! Order before the end of the 25th to get the sale price!! <3 

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i’ve always wanted to post one of these

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powder-s replied to your post “hmmmm”

I don’t get how people really can fetishize crying and shit. Like I think crying adds a bit of a cute factor and realism to the character, but I wouldn’t get off on it. Idek

idk some ppl have their kinks and that’s alright!! people get turned on or are interested in different things cuz everyone’s different in the end. for me it’s hard to do that though because, as i mentioned, i was put down for crying in the past, so now it’s more of a thing that i respect

hitokki replied to your post “hmmmm”

Kaneki is a very real character because he responds like a human and constantly breaks down. Tokyo ghoul is really a question of the definition of humanity and really psychological I think but most ppl see horror and teary babies.

yeah!!! i think that’s why i don’t mind the gore censoring or whatever/didn’t pay much mind to it?? because i was very entranced by the psychological themes it presented. and again like i keep telling everyone, at least they censored it prettily and not like ugly obvious censoring *u*)/

About that crying post- i feel totally the same way! im called overemotional a lot but not necessarily a crybaby so its not as much personal that way but i love to see characters have EMOTIONS yknow? like in any context id prefer a character crying than just standing there static and not emoting
yeah!! for sure unu and in tg it’s in a very real way and i appreciate that a lot.. bc sometimes characters will be really overdramatic and cry just for the sake of crying but then it’s like ??? what’s the point? they’re just enforcing the “”“weak-ness”“” of crying. it bugs me XnX

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sunggyu’s secret…

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I need this AU!!

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i’ve been feeling kinda poopy and haven’t been able to sleep well so i made breakfast for my family this morning quq)a i ended up piling on a bunch of leaves on top after taking a few bites but it was a nice simple way to make the morning a little better~

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